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Mysore Medical College And Research Institute

Mysore Medical College was established in June/July 1924. It is the oldest  and first medical college started and has made a lot of progress.

From the humble beginning it has progressively grown to be one of the foremost institutions of its land in the country.

“A Medical School (Vaidyashala) was established at Mysore Capital during 1833 by 22nd ruler of Wodiyar dynasty, Sri KrishnarajaWodiyar ||| (1799-1868), the ruler of Mysore Samsthana, for treatment by English medicine in the interest of public as mentioned in the book on Mysore Royal Family written by B. Ramakrishna Rao, Palace Controller, published in 1922. The palace  durbar surgeon working under H.H. Was nominated as supervisor for the Medical School. Later it Was Started at Bangalore town also by the samsthana. Further it extended the medical services at division levels and appointing medical officers. Separate medical centres were opened at Bangalore for Leprosy patients during 1845 and mentally disorderd patients during 1850 by KrishnarajaWodiyar |||.

            Further as per the decions and instructions of British Governer General and guidelines of Commissioner kabbansaheb, a separate department for education was established by Mysore Samstana during May 1857.

The MMC was first started in Bangalore near the famous Victoria Hospital in small building in the original Electric ‘A’ station near the fort. But the landmarks of have disappeared. Dr. S. SubbaRao, the physiologist, was the first principal succeeded by Dr. H. G. Mylvaganam and Dr. B.K. NarayanaRao. There was already a University school existing since 1917 at Bangalore which was closed in 1956. The college was shifted to Mysore from Bangalore  in 1930 at the behest of cherished desire and instance of H.H. KrishnarajaWodeyar |V . (1902-40). There was vehement opposition of the entire medical profession for this venture. But the Maharaja’s wishes and desire prevailed, cherished and fulfilled. Hence the college was regarded as twice born one, first in Bangalore and later christened or incarnated as University Medical College (UMC) in Mysore. It has the unique distinction of being the first medical college started in a native princely state of preindepence era. It was the only medical college till 1952 in Karnataka. Perhaps it was the sixth or seventh medical college in India at that time. In the beginning it was temporarily accommodated in the Chamarajendra Technical Institute building for its office and lecture halls.

Dr. J. F. Robison, a Britisher, was the first principal of the college in Mysore. He was also the Durbar (palace) Surgeon to His Highness and Superintendent of the prestigious Krishnarajendra Hospital. He was a fellow of the celebrated  Mayo Clinic of  U. S. A. and  obtained his F.A.C.S. He was  deputed to U.K to take a British Fellowship(F.R.C.S, Edinburg.)

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